My city. 

Yesterday was a truly awful day for Londoners. Yesterday, like most other days, an evil murderer killed innocent people ‘in the name of something’. 

The event was instantly branded a terrroist attack. This term is often thrown around – picked and chosen to represent various events around the world based on what governments perceive to be terrorism.  In fact, what does it even mean? That someone killed some other people in the name of something? But only in the name of certain things like Islamic terrorism. So whilst someone get brands a murderer, another gets blamed a terrorist. I take issue with this. Murder is murder. Anyone who goes out and kills innocent civilians is a murderer regardless of what they claim their motivation is. Because someone who murders someone in the name of Allah, is not a Muslim. They are a lame excuse for a human being lost along the path just as the white kid running around with a gun is. Our decision to brand certain instances terrorist attacks in the name of something (especially when it comes to ‘Islamic terrorism’) is counter productive and alienates a cross section of British society. The amount of comments I saw on twitter yesterday blaming this on Islam was unreal. Let me repeat, a murderer is a murderer. 

So let’s take our focus away from branding things and people just to make them sound worse and make that Cross section of society ostracised and angry. Instead, let’s stop trying to alienate people. It seems to be an intrinsic part of human nature (for some) that violence plays a role in their lives. No matter what the cause they hide behind, it’s always going to exist in some form. 

Awful things happen. Everyday. And it’s horrible when it happens to your city. But let me tell you, London is better than that. It’s stronger. We’re a multicultural city and we won’t ostracise muslims because of one murderer. We won’t say that Islam is the problem because we know it’s not. 

Our police officers, ambulance services and citizens of this city proved how much they care and how quickly they can respond to people in need. Today, we’ve all got up for work today, just like any other day without any fear. And we will continue to do so. We cannot live our lives based on the actions of very few in our society and in our world who will always exist, hiding behind different ’causes’.
London, we’re better than that.

May all those who have died rest in peace and I pray for a speedy recovery to all others injured. A special hats off to our emergency services and citizens who helped out.

United we stand, divided we fall. 


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